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Frequently Asked Questions
Revised June, 2012

What is Lomas del Mar?

Lomas del Mar is a development on the Juluapan Peninsula that was registered in 1984.  Effective 5 November, 2008 Lomas del Mar is the neighborhood name chosen by the Board of Directors and General Assembly.   For legal purposes, the official name of the development is:  Asociacion de Propietarios de la Peninsula de Juluapan, A.C.

Where is Lomas del Mar located?

The development is located just north of the tourism areas in Manzanillo, near the small villages of Miramar and El Naranjo approximately 2.5 km south of Highway 200 on Colima Route 110. We are less than a five-minute drive away from the four-mile long beautiful beach of Santiago Bay.  The Manzanillo International airport (ZLO) is twenty minutes to the north, and the city of Manzanillo is about 40 minutes to the south.  The development is positioned on a series of hills to the west of the 200 condominiums of Vida del Mar.  Lomas del Mar has many lots that face the Pacific Ocean, some that face the Lagoon de Juluapan and Santiago Bay, and still others that face the new El Corazon Golf Course.

Our area is located on the same latitude as Hawaii and experiences similar weather and temperatures.

We are approximately 1.5 hours driving time from the city of Colima, 3.5 hours driving time (175 miles) south of Puerto Vallarta, and 3.5 hours driving time from Guadalajara.  The city of Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest in population and offers the more popular shopping opportunities with modern Shopping Malls and stores such as Best Buy and Costco.  There is also a Costco in Puerto Vallarta.  We keep requesting one for Manzanillo/Colima!!!

There are regularly scheduled flights to Manzanillo on the following carriers.  Some of these carriers have daily service during winter months and once or twice weekly service during the summer months.  A few discontinue service completely during the summer. Aero México is planning flights in and out of Manzanillo starting July 2012.  There are charter flights during the high season - November thru April - from various cities in Canada. 

Check with each carrier for specific information on when they fly.

Alaska                       From Los Angeles
United                        From Houston
US Airways                 From Phoenix
Aero Mar                    From Mexico City
Volaris                       From Tijuana to Colima’s Airport

There are many carriers that fly daily into Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta that can be booked, and it is not complicated to either rent a car or take a first class bus to Manzanillo.  

Manzanillo International Airport also has secure tarmac parking for private aircraft and corporate jets.  Check directly with the airport (ZLO) for landing times and other restrictions. 

Where are the nearest restaurants, shopping areas, services, doctors, dentists, etc.?

A few restaurants and small convenience stores are located within an easy drive from the development.   Shopping, doctors and hospitals are located within a short drive Lomas del Mar, as well.  Santiago, Salahua, Valle de Las Garzas and Manzanillo offer abundant shopping opportunities including WalMar, Subway Sandwiches, Starbucks, Dairy Queen, KFC, Burger King, Office Depot, Office Max and more.  Under construction in 2012 is a Sam’s Club and a Home Depot is reported to follow.  The closest Home Depot is in the city of Colima, about an hour and a half drive from our development.   Our area has two new hospitals that opened in 2008.  We also maintain a referral list for our homeowners to use for many terrific local services. 

Who are members of Lomas del Mar?

If you own one or more of the 360 lots inside Lomas del Mar, you are a member of the Asociacion de Propietarios de la Peninsula de Juluapan, A.C.

How do you join Lomas del Mar?

When you purchase a lot(s) inside Lomas del Mar, you are automatically a member of the Association and obligated to contribute your pro-rata share to cover the costs of the services Lomas del Mar provides.

How much are the annual dues?

The dues are reviewed annually and set by the Board of Directors through a vote of the General Assembly.  As of the 2013 calendar year, dues for undeveloped lots will be $150. US per year and $450 US per year per home. 

What if I want to pay my dues in Pesos?

Of course, dues may be paid in Mexican Pesos.  At the start of each year the treasurer of the Association establishes a fair exchange rate.  Contact the Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the current rate of exchange

When must I pay my annual dues?

Annual fees are due on or before January first of each year and cover the 12 months of the year.  Dues are considered delinquent if payment is received after January 31st of the new year.

How do I pay my dues?

Annual dues can be paid by sending a check from a Mexican bank account made payable to:   Asociacion de Propietarios de la Peninsula de Juluapan, A.C

A  check from any other country other than Mexico should be made payable to:   Intercam Casa de Bolsa SA de CV. 

Checks should be mailed directly to Glenna Palidwor @ APDO Postal No. 17, 28861, Santiago, Colima, Mexico.  All checks need to be received prior to January 31st each year. 
If you are in Mexico, you can also pay your dues by making a direct deposit to the bank account at Santander Serfin sucursal 0282 Santiago, or any of it's branches, depositing into our account in the name of:  Asociacion de Propietarios de la Penisula de Juluapan, A. C.  The account number is 65-50217457-0

Should you make a direct deposit, you must provide the Association with a copy of the deposit slip via email to info@laslomasdelmar.com or by mail to: Glenna Palidwor, APDO 17, Santiago, Colima, Mexico CP 28861 to receive proper credit for the deposit. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Association at info@laslomasdelmar.com

What about unpaid dues?

All property owners are obligated to pay annual dues. 

Does Lomas del Mar  have CC&R’s (Covenants, Codes & Restrictions) with which owners must comply?

Yes.  You can read and downLas Lomas del Mard the CC&R’s from the website. 

How does an owner hold title to a lot inside Lomas del Mar?

If you are a Mexican citizen, you can purchase property inside Lomas del Mar through a standard Escritura.  If you are a foreigner, your ownership is accomplished through the use of a Trust (Fideocomiso) where actual title to the property is held in Trust for you in the name of a Mexican bank of your choosing.  Under the Trust system foreign owners have full ownership privileges that are renewable in 50-year increments.  Your trust is inheritable by your heirs.  These privileges include the right to build, improve, transfer and sell the property to others.  

None of the 360 lots inside Lomas del Mar are on Ejido land. 

Check with a qualified Notario and/or real estate person for a detailed explanation.

If I want to build on my lot, how do I get utility hook-ups?

ELECTRICITY:  You will need to go directly to the CFE office in Salauga to make arrangements for the installation of electricity.   Depending on where the lot is located, you may have to pay for a step-down transformer if one is not already in place, or if the one located for other homes does not have sufficient capacity.  Whenever possible run utility lines underground.

TELEPHONE:  Go directly to the TelMex office.   Select the type of service you wish to have and pay approximately for installation.  TelMex also handles the sale of internet services and offers DSL connections.  At this time, it generally takes 7 to 10 days to have a telephone line installed.  Whenever possible run your telephone lines underground. 

CELLULAR:   There are several cellular phone carriers in Mexico.  There is a wide variety options from which to choose.

WATER:   The lots in our development are fortunate to have safe drinking water from a local well that is provided by a private water company.    For the installation of a water meter, you will need to contact the water company to set up service. 

Is there mail delivery to the development?

Sometimes!  This is Mexico!  Owners should rent a Post Office Box at the Santiago post office if they need reliable postal service. 

If you are planning on sending or receiving express delivery documents or packages it is helpful to know that DHL and UPS will deliver to your door in our community.  Documents sent by other carriers will require that you pick them up at their affiliates’ offices in Manzanillo.

Are there still lots for sale in the development?

Yes. Lomas del Mar is one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets and perhaps the last truly affordable Pacific Ocean view real estate that is located close to city services.  There are many excellent lots still for sale in the development.  

The Association is not involved in the business of selling lots in the community.   Lomas del Mar does not endorse any specific real estate person or company and urges buyers to interview, research and choose a real estate person carefully before working with them. 
Before completing the purchase of a lot, the Association strongly urges buyers to contact Lomas del Mar to check the status of any delinquent assessments that are owed to the Association.  Past due fees and assessments move forward with the sale or transfer of property.

The city of Manzanillo is working with the Association, it is possible that you may not be able to get a building permit until all past and currently due Lomas del Mar fees have been paid.  The officials at the building department will require you to provide them with a currently dated letter from Lomas del Mar showing that you are a member in good standing with the Association.

Since some owners of lots have not paid any Lomas del Mar fees since the Association was formed in 1984, the amount of past due fees and interest can be substantial.  Be sure to check with the seller and your realtor to make certain all Lomas del Mar fees are current whenyou buy your lot.

I am an owner and want to sell my lot/home.  What do I need to do?

If you wish to sell your own property without using a real estate agent, you are certainly entitled to do so.  However, the Association strongly urges owners to work with a trustworthy, local real estate person with good credentials to represent them.

Owners and/or Real Estate persons and companies are allowed to place one (1) “For Sale, Se Vende” sign on a lot.  Real Estate persons need to have prior written permission of the owner to place the sign.  Please refer to the CC&R’s for the size and placement restrictions for real estate signs.  Also, please inform the Association when you grant permission for a real estate person to place a sign on your property.

As of December, 2008, your buyer may not be able to get a building permit for your lot until all past and currently due LOMAS DEL MAR fees have been paid.  The officials at the building department will require owners to provide them with a currently dated letter from Lomas del Mar showing that they are a member in good standing with the Association.

How do I contact LOMAS DEL MAR?

You can reach the Lomas del Mar Board of Directors by emailing us at info@laslomasdelmar.com or by pressing the “Contact Us” selection on this website.

You can also reach us by mail at: 

Asociacion de Propietarios de la Peninsula de Juluapan,
A.C. Apartado Postal No. 17
CP 28861
Santiago, Colima, Mexico

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